About Us

Our purpose is to Bring Land To Life. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that land information should be visible and accessible to all. We make it easy to Find, Research, Buy or Sell land.

Land is the foundation of everything in our lives. We need it to live, explore, farm, build, provide energy and nurture for the next generation. Addland helps you understand the opportunities for each and every UK land plot, to unlock its true potential.

Built Just For Land

We've built Addland from the ground up, listening to all stakeholders, to create an indispensable resource. Whether you're looking for more details on the land you own, land you wish to enhance or repurpose, or land you'd like to buy or sell, Addland is the destination.

We're striving to lead the land industry through continual innovation, superior technology and great service.

A Trusted Service

We've a total fixation with every one of our customers to provide the best customer service:

  • Delivering features and services that offer value across the end-to-end experience
  • Spending time crafting our product in collaboration with you to meet your needs
  • Empowering your everyday lives with access to quality and high value data making it easy to view, interpret and understand market data

Making It Easy To Find Land

We make it easy to Find, Research, Buy or Sell land:

  • Addland Essential is a free to access membership that unlocks the power of the platform. A personalised dashboard to save favourite plots, book viewings and track progress, plus access to important land consideration data to determine whether a plot is worth further research.

  • Addland Professional provides the complete range of due diligence tools for just £99/month on a flexible monthly basis. The full range of tools for complete due diligence, informing market valuations or identifying opportunities. View Planning, Ownership, valuation, Agricultural and Terrain data layers to understand the complete picture.

Reaching Serious Buyers

Addland is fast becoming the destination for serious buyers. As a dedicated land showcase, whether you're selling a farm, country estate, agricultural land or a building plot, the latest mapping technology and high quality imagery ensure buyers can understand and see all aspects of your plot.