Selling Your Land

Addland is fast becoming the destination for serious buyers. As a dedicated land showcase, whether you're selling a farm, country estate, agricultural land or a building plot, Addland is the place to be seen. Select a Land Agent below who can list land on your behalf.

Find a Land Agent

Use our Land Agent Finder here to select an agent you can trust. Trusted names from Savills to Bidwells and a number of specialist local land agencies all list on Addland.

Your Goals

While a land agent will talk you through all the options, it's useful to know what you're looking to achieve by selling your land. There are also different ways to sell land, including Promotion and Option agreements which might benefit you.

Rural or Development land?

Is your land useful for rural or development purposes? You might know instinctively. However, its worth discussing the options with a land agent to make sure you're maximising your land's full potential.  

Location. Location. Location.

Being in the right place at the right time is always important. It is no different with land. Think about your land and where it lies in relation to other neighbouring land. It could be worth using HM Land Registry's title searching to become aware of who owns the surrounding land.

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

Whilst a land agent will give you all the options open to you, it will be useful to have an idea of what you are looking to achieve by selling your land. There are also various different ways to sell land including Promotion and Option agreements which might benefit you.

What's Holding You Back?

Think your land might have development potential? Then it's important to understand what environmental factors could affect its value. These can include things such as: Ancient Woodland, Flood Zones, AONBs and SSSIs. 

Addland Pro gives you access to all of these constraints, and many more, through advanced mapping technology. Find out what Addland Pro has to offer you.

What's In Your Area?

Every Local Authority has their own planning policy aims. These aims are laid out in the district's Local Plan, sometimes called a Core Strategy. In cases where a district shares their planning responsibilities with a neighbouring district it may be called a Joint Core Strategy. Some Parishes even have their own plans called a "Neighbourhood Plan". It is worth checking your district's website to find out more.